A Chance to Demonstrate Tatting

It came as a surprise when I received an email from a park ranger at our local State Historic Park, saying that she had found my name, and that of good friend, Bernice, on the internet when running a search for tatters from Yuma, AZ.  She wanted to know if our group could demonstrate tatting at the Christmas Village in the park.

I responded, saying that our “group” consisted of 2, just Bernice and I, but that we’d be glad to come if she wanted us.

Dressed in vintage clothing, we arrived at the village in the Yuma Quartermaster Depot State Historic Park on Sunday evening, a little before 6 p.m.DSC01269


A highlight of the village was the snow slide.  Over 70 tons of snow were trucked in for the event.  Keep in mind that this is Yuma, Arizona, where children grow up without ever seeing snow.  The slide was a big hit.  There was also a snow play area for those too young to sled.P1190786

DSC01262.tifTammy, the Ranger, had a table set up for us in the Corral House.  The location was great, with the slide visible, and a stage with live music near the building.There was a large sandwich board for us to use at the door (it was getting a little dark for photos).  P1190820

We took a notebook with us containing photos of vintage tatting and examples of items we’d made in the online class during the past two years. 

We also took a couple of blouses that I had appliquéd with tatting to display.

We planned to make simple bookmarks to give away during the evening, and had several made before arriving.

P1190821I used Easy Butterfly Bookmark by Marilee Rockley (Yarnplayer), partly because it can be tatted in about 5 minutes but also because the thread ends become the bookmark, so that you don’t have to hide ends.  Bernice tatted a similar bookmark in a flower design.

I shuttle tat and she needle tats, so it gave visitors a look at both ways of tatting.  We have no pictures of the families who came through, as we were kept busy making bookmarks all evening, with no time for photos.  Most of those who came were young families.  Young and old, they were fascinated by watching a craft that most had never heard of before.  We estimate we gave away more than 40 bookmarks.  We also offered a card to anyone interested in learning to tat that listed the online beginner class links.DSC01266Demonstrating with us was Tammy Snook, the Park Ranger who invited us to come.  She was weaving a shawl on a handmade loom.P1190782 It was a fun evening, and a great way to share our love of tatting.

Bernice’s Blog can be found at Time Use by Bernice.




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