My Keyboard Cover

For seven years (since starting full-timing in an RV), I have kept my musical keyboard stored in the closet, limiting the amount of time I was playing as it was a lot of trouble to pull it out and set it up for a half hour to an hour of music.  Acquiring a nice stand and bench from a friend this fall, I decided it was time for the keyboard to “come out of the closet”. 

Once out, it needed a dust cover.  So….here is the new dust cover I sewed this week…very simple, but effective.P1190847


2 thoughts on “My Keyboard Cover

  1. Hi there I just have to tell you your keyboard cover is absolutely stunning!!!!! I was wondering if you could possibly explain briefly how you made it.My son (10yrs) also started playing the keyboard and it collects dust when it stands there it would be awesome if I could sew a cover exactly the same as yours …I LOVE IT !!!!!! 🙂

    • Hi Kathy,
      Thanks for the compliments…I’m afraid I didn’t have a pattern. I purchased the printed material from Joann Fabrics. When I started to add the black borders, decided I had purchased quite enough fabric, so I cut the printed material, and added the vertical black pieces at both sides. I then added the black borders wide enough to extend over the four sides of the keyboard. I then just folded the corners as if wrapping a package, pinned them in place, then sewed on the fold line where the corners came together…does that make sense? I cut out a section so that the cover would fit around the music stand of the keyboard, then faced it with more black material. To finish the cover, I cut more black material into bias strips and bound it…thought it would be easier to bind than to hem around the corners. I don’t know if that’s clear enough or not, but I really did just feel my way as I made it.
      Tell your son to stick with learning to play…it’s a skill he’ll enjoy all his life!

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