CQJP January and TAST Week 2

Week 2 of TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesday) brought us the buttonhole stitch (I’ve also seen it as blanket stitch).  The stitch is one I’ve used many times, as an actual buttonhole edging or the outside edging on something such as a fleece blanket. 

It never occurred to me there are many variations of even this most basic stitch.  (This challenge is already broadening my embroidery horizons! 🙂 )

For my sampler, I’ve chosen to interpret each week’s stitch as a plant of some kind.  One of the variations of the buttonhole stitch was the buttonhole wheel .

buttonhole wheel

The result reminds me of the flower of the chicory, common in the Midwestern U.S., also sometimes called cornflower.chicory

This plant is so prolific along the roadsides of many states that a cousin of mine called it the “Traveler”.  According to her, no matter where you go, there it is, running along the side of the road with you. J

For the stems, I used the variation called Up and Down Feathered Buttonhole:

up and down feathered buttonhole

The result is here, the second “block” on the border of my eventual sampler:

TAST week 2

I also used the stitch to embellish another section of my Crazy Quilt Block, Starry Starry Night, January’s block for CQJP.

This time, I used the week’s stitch to highlight the “snowbank” representation.


I stitched the seam with the baseline curved on the fabric.  It’s a little hard to see the white on white.


Also, there’s a small snowman glittering in the moonlight, stitched with the buttonhole wheel.



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