CQJP January and TAST Week 4

The Cretan Stitch was new to me, but as I looked over the examples provided, I realized what a versatile stitch it could be.  One illustration in particular caught my eye:


While I kept envisioning the honeycomb effect of the open cretan stitch, I couldn’t get the memory of a beloved plant from resurfacing.

I no longer have a flower garden (we travel full time in an RV).  But when I did, one of my favorites spring activities was to plant the wintered over roots of the Elephant Ear plant.  Such a magnificent display during the summer.


Imagine my delight when we traveled in central Florida, and the ditches were filled with the plant! (I even took a small one home in a Coke bottle of water once.)

The Cretan Stitch seemed made for leaves… so my 4th pane on the sampler has Elephant Ears.


I’m not real pleased with my choice of fabric, Hardanger 22 ct.  I’m used to working with Aida where the weave is interlocked.  The weave on this fabric is loose, and I find my stitches pulling into places where I don’t want them.

This was also the last installment for my January CQJP.  I mulled for days on how to add the Cretan Stitch to what I already had on the block.  One of the CQJP Facebook Posts mentioned “painting” with Cretan, and I decided to try to depict a small shack in my block.  It looked a little unfinished after I stitched it, so I added a few straight outline stitches to the edges to define.

Cretan Shack

Also, this week, I embroidered the TAST logo onto the block with stem stitch to finish it, “Starry Starry Night”.TAST logo

You can see the finished block and the various steps of creating the block here:

Starry, Starry Night – January 2012


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