February’s TAST and CQJP

Finally, I have completed February’s Challenges for both TAST and CQJP!…  well, I’m only 2 weeks late! 

TAST Week 5

Week 5 of the TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesday) brought the Herringbone Stitch.


I had used this stitch before (without knowing the proper name), so it came easy.  For my sampler, I created a Windmill with Tulips.

TAST Week 5 HerringboneI loved how the stitch worked for the base of the windmill.

The stitch also worked well on my Crazy Quilt Block for several of the seams.

My February Block for the CQJP (Crazy Quilt Journal Project) is titled “A Birthday and a Birth Day”.

I used a metallic Copper thread to embroider the seams.







Tast Week 6

The Chevron Stitch was the Week 6 Stitch.


This has become one of my favorite stitches!  I love how this looks!

For my Sampler, I created a Christmas Tree….ok, so that’s not really in keeping with my nature theme, but I couldn’t help myself…that’s just what the stitch became for me!  Perhaps it’s a Living Christmas Tree.   🙂

TAST Week 6 Chevron

It also worked well on the quilt block.CQ Chev2

CQ Chev1            


thread heaven copy I found it a bit difficult to use the metallic thread at first, but after running it through Thread Heaven thread conditioner, it became much easier to handle. 

TAST Week 7

Next came the Detached Chain stitch.  I’ve used this stitch often over the years as a “Lazy Daisy” stitch.

detached chain

But I had never really put it to any other use.  Now, it kept whispering Raindrops,  Raindrops! … so the lazy daisy got watered!

TAST Week 7 Detached Chain

CQ DCh1It was a little more hard to decide where to use it on the Crazy Quilt.  I finally decided to add a few hearts to the heart patch.   It’s a little hard to pick out the stitched hearts in the photo.

A little later in the month, I added a Desert Scene patch to the quilt, and decided to use  the Detached Chain to embellish the corners.

cq  Dch2

tast week 8

The last stitch of the week for March was the regular Chain Stitch.


The Chain Stitch worked well to create a common desert’s occupant, the prickly pear cactus.  Prickly pears are known for their colorful edible fruit.TAST Week 8 Chaincactus2



      I also used the stitch to embellish a seam on the quilt.

 chain stitch2

The theme of the quilt block itself is special.   It commemorates the Centennial of the state of Arizona , February 14, (my home state during the winter) and the Birth of our second Great –Grandchild, February 28.  

“A Birthday and a Birth Day”

In honor of Arizona’s Southwest Heritage, I used several fabrics in earthtones, with a couple featuring kokopelli, the Native legendary icon.

koko1 koko2

misc0003I am a square and round dancer.  Each year we have an annual Square and Round Dance Festival in Yuma, AZ, my winter home.  This year, we were the only Square Dance group in Arizona to receive endorsement from the state of Arizona to help promote its centennial.  We were very proud to display the state logo on our Festival Ribbon.  The ribbon had to become part of my block.


Throughout January and into February, I was feverishly working on a baby quilt.  I chose Winnie the Pooh fabric for the quilt, and finished it just in time to mail it.  The post on it can be found here.  The colors were spring green and blues.winnie

I wondered how to incorporate a memory of the quilt into the crazy quilt block of earthtones.  Finally, with the help of Photoshop, I pictured Winnie landing on an earthen Native pot, with a sign heralding the birth.

winnie for crazy quilt2.tif

Then came the big day, February 28, when Molly Ann joined our family.  Her big sister is so proud of her.  I had to include photographs of both.  I printed them in a sepia tone.  I tried using Tailor Computer Printer Fabric to print Winnie and the photos, but when I ran them through cool water, they bled miserably, so that was not an option for a quilt I expect to wash.  Evidently, there is a colorfast version, but I did not find it at the local fabric shop.    I then printed them on Tailor Print ‘n Press, an iron on transfer sheet.  While not real satisfied with the resulting texture, it did a good job transferring to white fabric, and was colorfast when tested.  Each of my blocks includes tatting.  I outlined Winnie’s announcement with a simple ring and chain design (my pattern).  The photos are framed with tiny rick rack.


And finally, my February block, A Birthday and A Birth Day were finished!

February CQJP


3 thoughts on “February’s TAST and CQJP

  1. You have been very busy! I love what you have done with the TAST stitches. With every picture I was oohing and ahhing. By the time I got to the cactus (so clever) I had to write a comment and let you know how you have inspired me! Thank you!

  2. I also have to comment on your prickly pear cactus. Such a wonderful way to use the chain stitch. I also love how you included a photo of the real thing besides your stitching.

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