TAST Week 20 Bullion Stitch

This week’s bullion stitch immediately said  “cattails” to me.  I love to see a patch of cattails in a pond.  And a few dragonflies just completes the scene.  Both the cattail tops and the dragonfly bodies are created with bullion stitches.

Bullion Stitch

Some have asked to see the sampler as it is at this point.  Beginning at the upper left, each section represents 1 week of TAST.   There will be a second row of sections inside the first to enable all 52 weeks of 2012 TAST.  I’m still contemplating what should go in the center.   At this point, I’m thinking perhaps a crazy quilt design of 12 blocks, with each blocks filler stitches being the TAST stitches for a given month.  What do you think?



4 thoughts on “TAST Week 20 Bullion Stitch

  1. Love your cattails and dragonflies. This is not only a great record of the stitches, but a beautiful piece to frame. Your idea for the center is excellent! That first one you did looks like ocotillo to me, and makes me miss my desert even more!

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