Different Needlecrafts for June

My CQJP and TAST projects were set aside for the month of June. 

I have made a sequined felt Stocking for each grandchild, and am now continuing the tradition for the great grandchildren.  Grandma Jeanne cares for the great grandchildren’s stockings, so I decided to make one for Molly while in Indiana for the summer, so that I wouldn’t have to risk losing it in the mail later.

The kit came with a red background, so I switched out the red with blue felt to more resemble snow on a sky and to coordinate better with sister Grace’s stocking.

This is the finished stocking made from a kit “Snowman and Friends” by Bucilla.


This is the stocking made for Grace last year.


Granddaughter Alyssa loves to read, and asked me for a bookmark.  I used the pattern, Flower Bookmark, by Rachael Mohler.

P1230059And finally, for grandson Cameron’s birthday, I stitched a dragon card.  Although hard to see, this will give you an idea of the card.  The dragon is stitched in silver/black metallic thread, and the puffs of smoke in metallic red.  Before finishing the card, I cut “smoke puffs” from grey paper with the words, Happy, Belated, and Birthday and attached them with the red starburst stitches on the left of the card.  He was out of the country over his birthday.

dragon That, plus attending two graduations, camp hosting in a state park and visiting with family, occupied my month.  Now to try to catch up on the CQJP and TAST during July while we travel!


One thought on “Different Needlecrafts for June

  1. Your flower bookmark is just fantastic, I love it! Great stocking, keep meaning to make one but never get around to it so I’ll just have to admire others.

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