September CQJP – The Best Roads Traveled

In September, we began the journey west for the autumn/winter season.  We stopped to visit friends, Allura and Lynn in Kansas, joined friends Bernice (also a CQJP and TAST participator) and Hoyt in Oklahoma, and then Bernice and Hoyt traveled with us to join friends, Rusty and Lovetta in New Mexico.  It was a great way to end our summer of travel, so I decided to dedicate the block to the idea, “The Best Roads Traveled Are Those Leading Back to Friends”.

I hadn’t really done a traditional Crazy Quilt block for the project, so that became my pattern.  Here’s a pictorial record of the block construction:

September Block -001

I chose royal blue and cranberry as my colors for the block.

I folded the patches and played with them until I liked the layout.

September Block -001b

Bernice has a sewing machine with an embroidery feature, so she offered to stitch the names for me.

I printed the phrase on Tailor Sew-In Colorfast Sheets.  It was to be my focal point.  I added a border to it, and started with it in the center of the muslin backing.

September Block -002

Using a stitch and flip method, I began adding the patches.  Most of the edges could be stitched by machine, but a few angled sides had to be blindstitched down after sewing the block.

September Block -003September Block -004September Block -005September Block -006 September block -007 September block -008 After the block was stitched and trimmed, it was time to add the tatting and TAST stitches.  In keeping with the floral design of the patches, I used one of the embroidery stitches of the month, the Drizzle stitch to form a flower with a button center.  This was an unusual stitch, and not one I’m likely to use again.

drizzle stitch     

The remaining stitches, sheaf, pistil and knotted buttonhole, I stitched as highlights for the names.

For the tatting accents, I created hearts and flowers from different patterns.

hearts and flowers1 hearts and flowers2

All that was left was to add the highway running through the block.

Best Roads Traveled (September)

While in Oklahoma and New Mexico, we hiked in the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Reserve and  in the El Morro National Monument.  To read the posts about those locations, see our travel blog, Wichita Mountains and El Morro.


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