A new challenge

In addition to the quilt block piecing and embroidery, I continued with the online tatting class, completing two projects this month.

Nina Libin offered another of her classes which combines tatting with beading.

These were the Blue Snowflake Earrings I created from that class.

SSPattern can be found here.

I really enjoy Nina’s unique style of combining tatting with beading.

I also completed this vintage motif.  This was a very challenging pattern for me, and I completed it for that reason, but is not one I’d make again.

Tina Frauberger Motive #40

I really enjoyed the CQJP and TAST challenges this year, but want something different as a challenge for 2013.   I haven’t bead much in recently years, but still have quite a stash, so perhaps it’s time to get back into beading.

I have joined the Yahoo group Seedbeadsters.  The group pursues a new challenge monthly.  This month’s challenge is to create a Spiral Rope.  I chose to make a Single Spiral bracelet in October.  The pattern can be found here.


In November, I made this bracelet, a Flat Spiral from a pattern by Jennifer VanBenschoten.  I think it will be one of my favorites, because I love the fluid drape of the pattern.

Flat or Spiral with closure

I made a closure by adding beads to a dressmaker’s snap.


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