November CQJP – Best Loved Tales

As I thought over all the many activities we had engaged in throughout November, I realized it was going to be very hard to choose just a few to highlight for my monthly CQJP block.

I help keep our small RV park library organized by sorting and shelving books.  As the main librarian had not arrived yet, I spent quite a few of my spare hours in November working there.  It occurred to me that I had seen quilt tops portraying book shelves, why not create a bookshelf for my block, with each book representing a different activity.

I love computer graphic design, so this became one of my favorite blocks to design.  Here is a screenshot of some of the early planning on MS Publisher.

bookcase planningI searched online for texture images, and used a different one for each book spine.

texture6 texture7 texture11 texture15 

bookcase planning2

Once I had decided on all the book titles, and laid out the books, I had to decide how to incorporate the TAST stitches for the month, and a piece of tatting.  The tatting was easy, as a book worm came to mind.  For the stitches, the Open Base Needlewoven Picot just had to become leaves, so a potted plant would grace a shelf.  The other stitches, Arrowhead stitch, Portuguese Border Stitch, and Magic Chain Stitch became bookmarks, stitched on separate ribbons.

The final planning screen looked like this:

bookcase planning3

In order to create the fabric block, I first found some fabric with a wood grain like print.  I decided it would be too hard to appliqué the books individually, so I decided to print each shelf on Tailor Print ‘n’ Press Transfer paper, then machine pieced the block with strips of the wood grain fabric.  The flower pot was cut of the white on white material common to each block.  I really liked shaping the plant from the Open Base Woven Picot stitch.

P1310745To make the bookmarks, I cut short lengths of ribbon, stitched with the embroidery stitches, then sewed them to blank book spines at the top with a drop of fabric glue at the bottom of the bookmarks.


The bookworm is simple tatted rings

Best Loved Tales (November)

And here is the finished block, Best Loved Tales, with titles such as Autumn in the Desert,Thanksgiving Dinner Shared with Friends, New Friends, etc :

Best Loved Tales (November)


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