Brick Stitch and Bitty Beads

As more have continued to join our Facebook group, Seed Beads and More, I have realized that many members are either beginning beaders or individuals who want to learn to bead.

Therefore, I have changed the focus of our challenges to the basics of beading.  The current challenge is to learn and create using the Brick Stitch, one of the easiest and most used of the beading techniques.

I posted some photos of earrings I have made in the past

2013-02-22 - Earrings I have made in past

and of some Pow Wow dancer pendants, all made with brick stitch.

PowWow Dancers 


The Seedbeadster Yahoo group Beadalong this month is Bitty Beads created with Odd Count Peyote Stitch, so for our Facebook Brick Stitch Challenge,  I chose to make a peyote starter strip, ironically made with the brick stitch.

my peyote starter strip for web

Having a starter strip makes the first few rows of peyote stitch much easier.

We’ve had great participation in the challenge with impressive projects submitted.

brick Stitch profile

If you have not joined the group and would like to do so, click here 

I really enjoyed the Bitty Bead Beadalong.  The starter strip made it much easier than past peyote projects.  I made two beads in the size suggested in the challenge patterns for earrings.

Bitty Beads Earring Construction

I then made smaller beads half the length for a bracelet, and called my set “Southwest Diamonds”.

Bitty Beads - Southwest Diamonds


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