Even Count Flat Peyote and Beading around Cabochons

The next Challenge for the Facebook Seed Beads and More was Even Count Flat Peyote.

I submitted a photo of the first beading project I made years ago, a choker with a v-accent. 

Even Count Floral Necklace

I also made another pair of earrings as Bitty Beads (see previous post), except this time, I designed them as even count flat peyote, rather than odd count.

Celtic Wave by Anita Adamson

Seedbeadster’s new Beadalong  is to bead around a Cabochon.  I had one I had finished some years ago.

We found this stone in the Pony Mountains near Deming, NM.  At that time, the local Senior Center had a Lapidary shop.  The volunteers there showed us how to sliced the stone, cut it to shape, and polish it.  This is my finished pendant, front and back.

Cabochons (4)Cabochons (3)

The second stone, a lace agate, was found at a yard sale.  It was glued to an unattractive backing which I tried to remove, leaving a rough back.  I’ve had it for quite a while, and decided now was the time to create a pendant with it.  I used size 15 beads for the back, and enjoyed watching the swirl pattern develop.

Cabochons (1) Cabochons (5) Cabochons (6)  

Also, this month, I finished the Butterfly Vine Bracelet from a free Bead and Button pattern.

2013-03-17 Butterfly Bracelet Detail 2013-03-17 Butterfly Bracelet


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