April – A busy crafting month

In early April, I announced  Loom Beading would be the next  Challenge for the group.  Lately, I’ve seen several articles on “no-warp end” looming and “paper clip” looms.  I have a no warp ends loom that my husband helped me build several years ago, but it is limiting in size, and hard to warp.   This is our first loom:

2013-03-23  Building Beading Loom -028

We decided this month to try to construct another loom using an inexpensive picture frame and paper clips.  If you would like to see the file on the construction of this loom, click here.

Here is a photo of the finished loom, which works really well:

2013-03-23  Building Beading Loom -024

For the challenge, I designed bracelet panels to match the Celtic Wave earrings I made last month (see previous post).  Here, two of the panels are still on the loom.

2013-03-23  Building Beading Loom -025

I made 5 such panels and joined them with bead strands.

2013-04-018 2013-04-020

Good friends of ours, Rudy and Frayne, got married this month.  I stitched a bead embroidery card for them.  This is the front panel for the card.

2013-04-18 - wedding card for rudy

I also made a wedding bracelet for Frayne, using a flat spiral technique:

2013-04-08 -bracelet for frayne -002

I made these netted earrings for myself from a pattern I found online,

2013-04-21 - pink earrings

and these silver Christmas trees at the request of a friend.

 2013-04-29c Earrings for Donna

The latest Beadalong from Seedbeadsters is Bead Embroidery.  I intend to make a tote bag with Native American style bead embroidery.  We will be traveling during May and June, so it will be a while before it’s finished.

2013-04-29 - Start of Tote Bag Bead Embroidery -002


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