July’s Beading at Bluewater Lake

2013-07-06 - NM, Bluewater Lake State Park -008We have agreed to volunteer at Bluewater Lake State Park in New Mexico for the summer.

We’re loving the weather, hiking areas and solitude of our “off time”.  We hike for an hour or more each morning, then enjoy the mountain coolness by sitting outside until lunch (we’re at 7400 ft elevation).  It’s a perfect time to bead.

I’ve been working on various projects this month.

I made two pairs of earrings for a friend (and her friend) in Texas.

Earrings, Red for Texas

I also made the Cowboy boot earrings in Red, White and Blue for our Granddaughter, Lissa, who is graduating from Army Basic Training at Fort Jackson this week!!  Go, Lissa!

Cowboy Boot earrings for Alyssa

Then there were these items:

Misc beaded items  

The bracelet in the center was so much fun to make, I made another using delicas and 13 hex cuts, pictured below.  The earrings are made with size 15 hex beads.


But my biggest project has been the “Quilter’s Challenge Project” from our park, Cactus Gardens (our winter home).  Before leaving for the summer last spring, our leader issued a challenge:  Take one yard of this fabric,


and use it as an integral part of a sewing project.  It’s beautiful fabric, but a little hard to decide how to use it effectively.  My husband said, it would be really nice on a western shirt, and the idea began to take shape in my mind.

I purchased a brown shirt, the shade of the background in the fabric.

IMG_2074Then I ripped the seams where I would insert the fabric yoke, along the collar, down the front about 8”, the shoulder seams, and the top edge of the sleeve seams.

Using the opened portions of the shirt, I cut the challenge fabric in the shape of a western yoke, for both the front and back of the shirt.  I then resewed all the seams.  While working on the project, and going through my bead stash at the same time, I came upon a beaded butterfly I had made years ago that really seemed to match the fabric, and decided to incorporate it in the design.  That led to adding a beaded fringe, and then I decided to embellish the buttons.  Here is the finished result.

Challenge Shirt 1

I placed the butterfly on one side of the collar .

Challenge Shirt 2

This is the fringe and button embellishment.

Challenge Shirt 4

I completed the shirt by adding plackets so the sleeves could be worn at three quarter length.

   Challenge Shirt 3

I have enough fabric left for a second project.


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