Beading and more – August at Bluewater

Much of my last post was on using the Challenge fabric from our Cactus Gardens Quilt Challenge.  You may have seen the photos of the shirt (post below this one).  This month, I used some of the fabric that was left over to sew a tote for my Bead Buddy Save n Go Jr.  This has become my favorite and most used beading tool.  I have the original larger size as well, but find myself reaching for the smaller.

However, when taking it with me, I’d always have to find a zip lock bag large enough for the beads, beading thread, etc.  Then, I’d discover I needed my pliers or some other tool I’d left behind.  My answer was to design a tote bag for the Bead Buddy. The black fabric is a brushed denim-feel fabric.   I placed a reinforced zippered pocket on each side for the beads and tools.  The inside is lined, and the handles are one strap encircling the bottom for strength as well.


I’m pleased with the results.

There was also a little time for beading.  I made these for fellow volunteers.

IMG_2751  IMG_2426

The Bluewater Storm idea came as a result of Volunteer, Kathy.  Each time she draws gate duty, an unexpected thunderstorm seems to pop up.  I decided to see if I could design lightning coming from a cloud.  The others are for Hazel, also a fellow volunteer.  We have been exploring beading ideas together this summer.

I finished two bracelets I had started some time ago.  This one is a Ndebele weave, using size 15 cylinder beads.


This bracelet uses some black beads for the center that I found at a yard sale.  I love the look of these beads in the center.  They are rectangular in shape with 1 hole running the length of the center.  I’d like to find more, but am not sure what type bead they are (tube was unmarked).


These earrings were a result of playing with design.  They are size 15 beads as well, stitched with a thin Nymo.  I love their “drapy” feel.


Our next Challenge on Seed Beads and More, chosen this time by the members, is Beaded Beads.  This pendant was made by a pattern by Natalie S. Perlen.  With her permission, I republished her pattern as a pdf file.  It is available through the Challenge Link Page.  If you have not joined Seed Beads and More, and love to bead, please join… our group is all about sharing and we’d love to have you.

Beaded Bead1-001

I also made these to use as earrings.


Art Deco Bitty Bead (1)This pattern was made available by Carolyn DeGroff for the Challenge, Art Deco Beads.  I’ll make another and create earrings from these as well

And that’s it for my August handwork.  Another month gone by… doesn’t time fly??


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