My Discovery of Blackwork Embroidery


Before you think, what a terrible job of framing, it’s not framed yet, but still in the Q-Snap.  Last year, I rekindled my interest in Cross Stitch, and that soon led to Blackwork. If you’re not familiar with Blackwork, take a look here, or Google “Blackwork embroidery”. Although the name comes from the fact that long ago, it was stitched with only black thread, today’s Blackwork is vastly different.

I loved the uniformity of it, it’s relationship to Cross Stitch, and all the intricate “diaper”  (or filler) patterns.  Curious as to why the stitching within a section was called a diaper pattern, I found this definition:   

    Definition of diaper

  1.  1:  a fabric with a distinctive pattern:a :  a rich silk fabricb :  a soft usually white      linen or cotton fabric used for tablecloths or towels

  2. 2:  an allover pattern consisting of one or more small repeated units of design (as geometric figures) connecting with one another or growing out of one another with continuously flowing or straight lines.

Examples of diaper patterns:diaper-patterns

I happened on Blackwork Journey, Elizabeth Almond’s site, and could not believe the fabulous pieces I saw there.  Imagine my delight to find she had oodles and oodles of free patterns I could try.

Never one to start out small, I discovered she was soon hosting a new Stitch a Long (SAL) called Pandora’s Box.  I joined it, and the photo at the top of this post is the result!  This was a case of where the “the journey is as enjoyable as the destination”, as I thoroughly enjoyed the creation of the piece.  Now to get it framed.

Next Blackwork related post will be on the SAL just started!