Continuing with Bead Embroidery and exploring Daisy Chain

We are spending May and June traveling this year.  If you’d like to follow our travels, visit  Traveling Square Dancers.

I didn’t have much time to spend on beading in May, but I did continue working on the Bead Embroidery and on my newest Loom project.

2013-05-16 - Start of Bead Embroidery

The loom project is this hummingbird that will become a mini wallhanging.  I had enough Delica beads for the looming, but not enough to complete with the fringe I want.

2013-05-12 - Loomed Hummingbird-0012013-05-12 - Loomed Hummingbird  

I issued the Challenge, Daisy Stitch, for the Facebook group, Seed Beads and More.  For my submission, I made an Embellished Daisy Stitch Bracelet from Ruby’s pattern, Embellished Daisies.  I later designed some simple earrings to go with the bracelet.

daisy stitch earrings


April – A busy crafting month

In early April, I announced  Loom Beading would be the next  Challenge for the group.  Lately, I’ve seen several articles on “no-warp end” looming and “paper clip” looms.  I have a no warp ends loom that my husband helped me build several years ago, but it is limiting in size, and hard to warp.   This is our first loom:

2013-03-23  Building Beading Loom -028

We decided this month to try to construct another loom using an inexpensive picture frame and paper clips.  If you would like to see the file on the construction of this loom, click here.

Here is a photo of the finished loom, which works really well:

2013-03-23  Building Beading Loom -024

For the challenge, I designed bracelet panels to match the Celtic Wave earrings I made last month (see previous post).  Here, two of the panels are still on the loom.

2013-03-23  Building Beading Loom -025

I made 5 such panels and joined them with bead strands.

2013-04-018 2013-04-020

Good friends of ours, Rudy and Frayne, got married this month.  I stitched a bead embroidery card for them.  This is the front panel for the card.

2013-04-18 - wedding card for rudy

I also made a wedding bracelet for Frayne, using a flat spiral technique:

2013-04-08 -bracelet for frayne -002

I made these netted earrings for myself from a pattern I found online,

2013-04-21 - pink earrings

and these silver Christmas trees at the request of a friend.

 2013-04-29c Earrings for Donna

The latest Beadalong from Seedbeadsters is Bead Embroidery.  I intend to make a tote bag with Native American style bead embroidery.  We will be traveling during May and June, so it will be a while before it’s finished.

2013-04-29 - Start of Tote Bag Bead Embroidery -002

Even Count Flat Peyote and Beading around Cabochons

The next Challenge for the Facebook Seed Beads and More was Even Count Flat Peyote.

I submitted a photo of the first beading project I made years ago, a choker with a v-accent. 

Even Count Floral Necklace

I also made another pair of earrings as Bitty Beads (see previous post), except this time, I designed them as even count flat peyote, rather than odd count.

Celtic Wave by Anita Adamson

Seedbeadster’s new Beadalong  is to bead around a Cabochon.  I had one I had finished some years ago.

We found this stone in the Pony Mountains near Deming, NM.  At that time, the local Senior Center had a Lapidary shop.  The volunteers there showed us how to sliced the stone, cut it to shape, and polish it.  This is my finished pendant, front and back.

Cabochons (4)Cabochons (3)

The second stone, a lace agate, was found at a yard sale.  It was glued to an unattractive backing which I tried to remove, leaving a rough back.  I’ve had it for quite a while, and decided now was the time to create a pendant with it.  I used size 15 beads for the back, and enjoyed watching the swirl pattern develop.

Cabochons (1) Cabochons (5) Cabochons (6)  

Also, this month, I finished the Butterfly Vine Bracelet from a free Bead and Button pattern.

2013-03-17 Butterfly Bracelet Detail 2013-03-17 Butterfly Bracelet

Brick Stitch and Bitty Beads

As more have continued to join our Facebook group, Seed Beads and More, I have realized that many members are either beginning beaders or individuals who want to learn to bead.

Therefore, I have changed the focus of our challenges to the basics of beading.  The current challenge is to learn and create using the Brick Stitch, one of the easiest and most used of the beading techniques.

I posted some photos of earrings I have made in the past

2013-02-22 - Earrings I have made in past

and of some Pow Wow dancer pendants, all made with brick stitch.

PowWow Dancers 


The Seedbeadster Yahoo group Beadalong this month is Bitty Beads created with Odd Count Peyote Stitch, so for our Facebook Brick Stitch Challenge,  I chose to make a peyote starter strip, ironically made with the brick stitch.

my peyote starter strip for web

Having a starter strip makes the first few rows of peyote stitch much easier.

We’ve had great participation in the challenge with impressive projects submitted.

brick Stitch profile

If you have not joined the group and would like to do so, click here 

I really enjoyed the Bitty Bead Beadalong.  The starter strip made it much easier than past peyote projects.  I made two beads in the size suggested in the challenge patterns for earrings.

Bitty Beads Earring Construction

I then made smaller beads half the length for a bracelet, and called my set “Southwest Diamonds”.

Bitty Beads - Southwest Diamonds

January’s Beading

Our new Facebook group, Seed Beads and More, is growing daily.  The first challenge was to create a project using the St. Petersburg Chain technique.  This is the bracelet I made.

St Petersburg Chain Bracelet

We’ve had good participation for the challenge.  I’ve updated the group profile photo as each entry has been submitted.


For the Seedbeadsters Yahoo group, the current Beadalong is a two month challenge to create “Bitty Beads”.  I’m still working on those.

New Year brings a New Project

I have decided it is time to return to beading and make that my craft emphasis this year.

I was once really into beading, then patchwork, quilting and tatting lured me away.   The past year I kept really busy with the CQJP and TAST challenges, as well as trying to keep up with the Online Tatting Class projects as well.

In October I joined the Seedbeadsters Yahoo group which issues a monthly beadalong, and as I completed the first project or two, realized how much I had missed beading (and how large a stash of beads I had)!

I am a big fan of Facebook and how it unites communities of likeminded people all around the globe.  I began to look for a Facebook group that was for beaders who work primarily with seed beads, liked to share ideas and patterns, and had not become just a venue for crafters to sell their projects.  I was surprised that there really didn’t seem to be many, if any, such groups.  I put a few feelers out among craft friends to see if they would be interested in joining a new group.

With a few affirmative replys, on January 20, I started the Facebook group, Seed Beads and More.  It’s purpose would be to give beaders a platform to share their work, ideas, questions, and patterns.  No advertising would be allowed.

fb To keep interest up, I would issue an optional beading challenge periodically, about every 5 – 6 weeks.

The response truly has amazed me.  Within less than two weeks, we now have over 100 members, and more joining daily!

If you would like to become a member, you can find the page here.  Just click “Join this group”.  We are a closed group, in order to avoid spamming.  Within a few days of request, you will be admitted to the group.

December CQJP – You Light Up My Life

The last CQJP block design, that of December, came easy for me.  How could you have a Journal Crazy Quilt without December’s block being about Christmas?  However, Christmas is rather low key in Cactus Gardens without any family there.  And even though we are not with them at Christmas, the family is much in our thoughts.

I decided to design a Christmas tree with the family portraits as the ornaments.

A couple of years ago, I designed a paper pieced pine tree for a quilting project.  With some small modifications, it would become the basic pattern for the tree.

Original pattern, set on diagonal:

pine tree

After modifying:

pine tree2_edited4

I had decided to use a tatted angel for the top of the tree, so there had to be another background strip added at the top to provide room.  I chose 3 different green prints for the tree itself, and a lighter green print as a background.


In order to incorporate my white-on-white fabric common to all the blocks, I added two packages under the tree.  The embroidery stitches for the month (TAST) were Knotted Cable Chain, Berry Stitch, and Buttonhole Eyelet.

I used the first as red garlands on the tree, and the others as as the bows on the packages. 

After finding an appropriate photo for each family member, I cropped them into circles using Photoshop Elements, then grouped them together and printed them on Tailor Print ‘n’ Press Transfer paper.

family photos

It took a while to appliqué each of the photos, but I was pleased with the block when finished.

You Light Up My Life (December)

All of the blocks for 2013 CQJP are now complete.  I’m not sure how I will set them together, or whether they will become a wallhanging or a quilt for the bed.  I have thoroughly enjoyed both the CQJP and TAST challenges, and have learned a lot from each.  This is a photo of the blocks together, pinned to a green covered bulletin board in our rec hall.  Keep in mind, they were designed to be 3 columns wide by 4 rows tall.  The bulletin board’s size would not permit me to display them that way.

2013-03-05 - AZ, Yuma - Cactus Gardens Quilt and Art Show -001