TIAS 2012

I thoroughly enjoy the annual TIAS (Tat It And See), provided by Jane Eborall.

The following is my letter to her each day with my guess for the final result and accompanying  illustrations.

Letter on Day 2
Hi Jane
And the fun continues…I thought we had the start of a bird on day one …remember my tatter’s intuition? Well, with today’s tatting, that idea flew out the window…at least I haven’t seen any square birds lately. So, I had to put my thinking cap on again, and came up with….
A Jack in the Box!!!
But then I got to thinking, there has to be a lot more to the pattern, cause we’ve got several days of pattern left, so….
Perhaps we’ll have Jack and Jill?
Then came the next day with another idea.
Letter on Day 3
Hello Jane!
Well, Jack and Jill are a figment of yesterday’s imagination….today we’re on a rocket ride! And you and friend Bernice are going along!
The next day brought a totally different idea, and so it went…

Letter on Day 4  
Dear Jane
After much serious thought and contemplation , I have decided that this year’s TIAS is a representation of the famous
Ringo, the Raccoon!
TIAS Day 4 Ringo the Raccoon jpeg.jpg
Ringo is famous for his many disguises, particularly the glasses he chooses to wear.
TIAS Day 4 Ringo the Raccoon jpeg closeup.jpgStay tuned!
Letter on Day 5

Well, we’re morphing again!  Ringo has shrunk!  He is now…

…. Snippet the Snail!

I know, I know, the TIAS is not over (at least I hope it’s not for several days! — it’s too much fun!) and Snippet looks almost complete, and I don’t know where those dog-goned  beads are going to fit in, but I just don’t see anything else at this point?!?!  …maybe Snippet has a large family coming???
Letter on Day 6

What can I say, Jane????

“I thot I taw a puddy tat!!!”
Apologizing for the slight tweaking to get the ear shape 
Letter on Day 7
Hello Jane!
I thot I taw a puddy tat…then I thot I’s wrong…but I did, I did!
I taw a puddy tat….’cause I just taw the odder end!!!
An’ Caroline’s rite…the mower caught it’s tail!
Letter on Day 8
Ok, ok, I give up.  I’ve turned this tatting every which way, and I really think you are trying to lead us down the wrong road, Jane.  Day 8 and we already know what it is???
But on the other hand, I’m like everyone else this time…all I can see is a baby goat?
One question is it made of “varigoated” thread??? (I hear your groan all the way across the pond, Jane!)
Letter on Day 9
Hi Jane!
What a cute creature this pattern has turned out to be!  Tatters the Goat is so colorful that I decided he needed a colorful background, so I’ve taken him to the Badlands of South Dakota, USA, where his multicolored coat  will almost provide camouflage.

Letter on Day 10
Hi Jane! 
What a trip this has been!
Tatters is now ready for travel.  You know, we have to learn to cope with whatever life deals us, and Tatters has found a way to cope without front legs….but he needs a friend.  Know anyone going in the direction of the Grand Canyon?
Letter on Day 11
Good Morning, Jane!
 It’s a beautiful day at the Grand Canyon where Tatters finds himself today.  He’s gained a leg, and with a little help from a crutch is maneuvering on his own through the beautiful park.  He’s trying to see as much as he can, because he fears he may be close to the “last leg” of his journey!

Letter on Day 12, Final Day
Dear Jane,
I decided to take Tatters home, for after all, where is a goat more satisfied than at home, eating the clothes off the clothesline??
A bit of explanation about the picture.
The 5th Wheel RV in the background is our home…we travel full time.  Our roots are in Indiana, where our family still lives.  In the summer, we often camp host at a State Park there.  Of course, as in many parks, there is a rule against having a clothesline out front.  I compiled this photo as a joke for our coordinator and titled it “On Connie’s Day Off”.
It provided the perfect backdrop for Tatter’s final appearance.

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