Winnie the Pooh Prepares for Molly Ann

I haven’t gotten much tatting or anything else done the last week or two as I scrambled to get the new baby quilt finished.

Our second great granddaughter is due to arrive by C Section this week.  I mailed the quilt to her Momma this week.

Winnie the Pooh Meets Molly Ann

Even though I knew we were expecting a girl, I chose this Winnie the Pooh fabric, partly because I’ve always loved the Pooh  characters, partly because I liked these colors (didn’t really want a pink and blue quilt) and partly because it worked well with the pattern I wanted to use.

I got the idea for the quilt when I found the pattern, Here’s My Heart Sunbonnet Sue and Sunbonnet Sam, by Janet Wickell.

I found the two Winnie the Pooh fabrics that appeared to have been created to match each other at different stores!

Block 2Block 1

I fussy cut the one for the blocks with smaller centers, and used the remainder of that yardage for the backing.


I had just enough scraps remaining to fashion a dolly quilt for big sister, Grace.

Dolly Quilt


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